Hello! So I went insane a little while back and decided to do a network for every important Game of Thrones house. This network is for House Tully. If you don’t know what house you are, you can take a quiz here, or if you don’t like that one I’m sure there are hundreds scattering the internet. The rules are simple. 

  • mbf the insane nut who’s put hours into this
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  • or if you’re in another house, the links to them are at the bottom
  • that’s it
  • i am trying to keep this simple for everyone
  • oh by the way if any house does not get at least thirty notes it is officially not happening sorry
  • the end
  • yay

house arryn | house baratheon | house greyjoy | house lannister | house martellhouse stark | house targaryen | house tully | house tyrell

hatar den här jävla stan


31°09’59.6”N 35°26’51.8”E


also the ocean on 35mm steals my heart (even more than it usually does)


every day is a day closer to eurovision 2014


50 Days of Musicals: Day 49

Gethsemane / Jesus Christ Superstar

Why, then, am I scared to finish what I started? What you started—I didn’t start it.